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Contact: branchfamily.ca@gmail.com

Nathalie Branch-Bernard
(Data/Genealogy Research),
with husband Charles, and Charles Jr.

Nathalie has been interested in genealogy for a very long time. Collecting info about ancestors is her passion.

Presently lives in New Brunswick, Canada. Proud wife of Charles and mother of Charles Jr. She love crafts, tole painting and... of course genealogical research.


Léo Branch (Web)

Learning all kinds of things, Leo created this website for his sister's genealogy research.

Right now he lives in New Brunswick, Canada.

Richard and Annie Branch-Briggs
(Project Contributors)

A special thanks to Richard and Annie for their large contribution to this on-going project.

Richard is the youngest son of Hugh & Evelyn, and currently lives in Boston, MA with his wife Annie Briggs. Richard is a senior economist with the McGraw-Hill Corporation where he guides their economic forecast for the U.S. and Canada. Richard is also a contributing writer for Engineering News Record magazine. While all this sounds complicated, Richard just spends his days sitting at his desk surfing the web and designing new beer recipes.

Annie Branch-Briggs is excited about taking on the challenge of marrying Richard and joining the family in May. She is the Director of Communications at the Derryfield School in Manchester, NH. She spends her days playing with her new digital camera, and making sure Richard doesn't blow up the kitchen while making his beer.