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Welcome to the Branch Family's History & Genealogy website!

This site is the accomplishment of many years of work… and a beginning of many more to come. My brother and I, along with the help of some friends and family members hope it can be of some interest to you, and even of help finding where your ancestors are from.

We don’t pretend to know everything and that the information is 100%. One thing is sure: we will put the source of information as much as we can.

Many years ago when I, Nathalie, started do research our ancestors, I didn’t take the time to write my sources. Now, I’m in the process of backtracking all the documentation that I have.

To preserve the confidentiality of personal information, we decided not to put the dates and personal information of living people. Only information regarding deceased will be shown.

As we update our web site, photos and historical information will be added. Keep in mind please that we can't have every single photo on the website. We mainly want to display older pictures, family pictures and other important images, and of course genealogy data.

If you need more info or think you’re related to us, please send us an e-mail.

We hope you will enjoy our site! Happy hunting!